Five Tips to Ensure you Buy Her Diamond Engagement Ring Right

An engagement ring is something that must be special. The love of your life will be wearing it so you want to make sure you get it right. When shopping for this precious piece of jewelry, there are things you have to take into account. Make sure you get the best diamond engagement rings in New Zealand by considering the following tips:

Know what Shape She Loves

Before you consider the 4 C’s in diamonds, make sure you know the shape she loves beforehand. The diamond shape refers to the stone’s actual geometry. Ask her if she has a preferred shape to ensure you get a ring she will love and cherish.

Consider the Settings

The setting of a diamond ring indicates the metal framework in which the diamond is mounted. Ensure the quality of the setting to set the ring’s tone. Are you going to choose a trendy oval? If so, it looks more conventional in a four-prong setting. You will need a bezel setting for a classic round engagement ring stone.

Know Her Style

Couples can shop for an engagement ring together. However, if you want to surprise her, make sure you have knowledge of what she likes in terms of rings. If you cannot ask her directly, spy on her by asking her friends or relatives. In case you don’t want anyone to know, observe the ring she is already wearing.  Does she love vintage pieces or simple contemporary jewelry? Take the time to pay attention to her preference to size up her signature style.

Think about the Metal

In terms of the band, you can choose from a variety of metals. Platinum is a famous choice because of its durability and pureness. Also, you can prefer gold that comes in colors such as yellow, white, and green.

Buy Safely

Once you have all the important details for the ring, begin your search with recommendations from family and friends. Also, you can look up the internet for reputable jewellery stores. You want to buy the ring from a shop that ensures you get what you pay for. Once you choose a shop, check their return policy. This way, you can exchange something in the ring in case she prefers something else.

Moreover, because the diamond engagement ring can take weeks to arrive, especially if you want it custom-made so make sure you shop early. If you are like other jewelry buyers, you may want to engrave the inside part of the ring. If you want this, request the inscription when you place your order.