Buying Handmade Artisan Jewellery: Is it Worth the Cost?

Handmade, artisan jewellery is getting more and more attention as people start to value quality materials and craftsmanship. People buy artisan jewellery for many reasons. This jewellery is created by talented individuals who bring serious detailing to the table. Read on to understand why it is worth investing in handmade artisan jewellery:

How This Jewellery is Different from their Mass-Produced Counterparts

Artisan jewellery is custom-made by skilled craftspeople. Today, people can purchase these pieces only or in boutiques, crafts, fairs, and even farmer’s market. This jewellery is crafted from various materials used to create pieces that range from beaded bracelets to stone cutting, and fine metal working. With this jewellery, buyers will own a unique piece that won’t be available elsewhere.

Artisan jewellery is created with extra care. This is the reason they may be more expensive than mass-produced pieces. Often, the cost depends on the quality of the materials they are made from. However, there are many high-quality pieces available at a reasonable price point.

Reasons to Buy this Jewellery

Sure, it is tempting to purchase machine-made pieces of jewellery to save money. However, buying a custom item is an investment that will be appreciated for life. While mass-produced jewellery can have some aesthetic merit, artisan jewellery has that special touch by an artist. Below are what buyers of artisan jewellery who shop by collection will pay for when they purchase an artisanal piece of jewellery:

  • Quality Materials. Spending money on a custom ring, bracelet, or ring will mean investing in high-quality materials. As every piece is made by hand, there is attention to detail and a strong connection between jewellery makers and their material suppliers. Makers prefer ethically-sourced materials over those they can easily get from dealers or refiners.

  • Survival of a small business. Buying from a local artisan means helping a small business to thrive and survive. Also, it is contributing to the local economy. Appreciating jewellery made by hand indicates an appreciation to the talent and skills that the makers possess.
  • Value of the finished product. Because of the craftsmanship and commitment involved in making handmade artisan jewellery, buyers pay for the value they get out of every piece. This is something they cannot expect from pieces produced by factory machines. Buyers will get a unique item they cannot find anywhere else. Artisan jewellery is one way to style or celebrate their fashion sense.